Our architecture and engineering company that has been in the construction sector since 1991, is now continuing its services under the name of "BÜLENT ÖNDER CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY AND TRADE A.Ş." with a more institutional structure and identity. Our company has an important position in large-scale projects and construction branches within the sector by the experience it gained throughout the years.
The firm, which has ongoing projects in all branches of the construction sector, together with the project and application areas of space frame and steel construction manufacturing, has adopted security and quality as priority and put great value on it also in manufacturing.

Our ISO 9001:2008 Certificate


Our technical team working in our head office is closely following up on current professional and technological developments and combining with our original and innovative designs and giving priority to the experience of applying both projects and designs


Static projects (reinforced concrete – steel – space cage) is drawn and supervised by our technical project team working in the central office building. Experts are actively involved in drafting, designing and implementing feasible, modern, original and first-hand engineering constructions.


It is carried by our team which offers both interior and exterior arrangements of space, specifically designed for people and space. Projects that are projected with on-site measurement and discovery are presented to you with 3D visuals that are carried out by our company. Contact us for further information and reconnaissance requests.


Our firm, with its experienced architect and engineer staff, has been living and working in harmony with architecture and engineering. Our company, which operates with specialist teams in every branch of the construction industry, has active references to every area from project to rough and fine works to turnkey production.


We manufacture the space frame and steel constructions in every scale in accordance with the international standards, produced and colored by the control of our technical staff, produce fast and high quality with wide color and model variety, transfer them to the final assembly area and assemble them with our experienced staff.


Our firm is actively working both in the field of construction and manufacturing, progress, quantity and reconnaissance both in architecture and engineering projects, including before and after manufacturing, and also offers consultancy services to other firms with our expert staff.


  • Kepez Municipality - Şafak District Covered Bazaar Project
  • Aksu Municipality – Macun District Covered Bazaar Project
  • Muratpaşa Municipality – Dedeman District Covered Bazaar Project
  • Süleyman Demirel Airport - Airplane Maintenance Hangar Project
  • Antalya Metropolitan Municipality - Anfaş Fair Center Expansion / Space Frame Geodesic Dome Project
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